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Top 10 Quizzer : Pass & Play

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Guaranteed ! Perfect for the likes of social gatherings and car journeys, Top 10 Quizzer will provide hours of fun in any given situation. Gameplay rundown
- First split into teams, regardless of the number of players. - Name your teams and either select or take a picture.- Choose the number of rounds and the length of time allowed for each, as well as specifying the number of joker cards and any disabled question categories. - Take Turns asking each other the questions as they appear. The most common answers are displayed on screen, with their respective points on the right hand side. Less common answers are worth more points. - At the end of each round the total number of points are calculated, and at the conclusion of the set amount of rounds, the winner is the team with the highest score.
There are already over 1,000 different quizzes in the game, spanning a wide range of categories. You may choose Geography and be asked for countries beginning with the letter C, alternatively you could name the most popular Christmas songs in the Music category, or the most recognised brand logos in the Business category. Perhaps you’re less confident on a certain area of knowledge, in which case you can filter out that category before you begin playing.
Even if you’re sprung with a particularly difficult question, the option to use one of a predetermined number of joker wildcards will mean that your question will be swapped for another one completely at random. With 19 categories each packed full of challenging but entertaining questions, your friends and family will be kept occupied for hours.
You can also toggle the teen-friendly feature on or off, making this app suitable for people of all ages – even young children. Before commencing play you’ll also be able to decide on whether or not you’ll be using joker cards, and how you’ll be playing together.
One of the key features of Top 10 Quizzer USA is the ability for users to play together either on a single device, or by pairing two together. The pass and play option requires no internet connection, as users will simply pass the same smartphone or tablet between themselves. However, for challenging fun against friends or relatives who also have smartphones or compatible tablets, players can go online and play across the room between their separate handsets. Neither is this limited to any single operating system, as Android and iOS devices can both be used together.
Eye catching visuals & Great Quizzes. Top 10 Quizzer USA edition brings an all new blend of trivia / Pass & Play game play to the App Store. Do you have what it takes? || 10/10 Replay value | Pure Fun For Family & Friends || Weekly Quiz Updates for ever !
New quizzes and trophies are added every single week, adding to the 1,000 which are already available on the app. You only required to purchase the app once, but will automatically receive these updates on a weekly basis, free of charge.
This makes Top 10 Quizzer USA a great value app for both entertainment and education, but most importantly for fun with friends and family.
Whereas other apps will charge users for extras or updates, Top 10 Quizzer USA receives new quizzes and trophies on a weekly basis, despite being one of the least expensive quiz apps available. These updates are completed at the touch of a button, with no lengthy or complicated updates from Google Play or the App Store
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- Top10Quizzer ! It's challenging but it's fun !
Help us make Top 10 Quizzer an amazing game, by providing feedback and any issues you may have :)
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